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Bearing edges

Would you like to improve the sound of your existing drums ?


Here at Lignum Drums, we can precision re-cut the bearing edges to ensure they are flat and true,

which will help achieve the optimum sound from your drums.  We can re-cut standard modern 45° edges;

cut 30° edges for vintage drums or even re-cut a 45° edge to 30°.

Having true, precision-cut bearing edges can make a huge difference to the sound of your drums.

Be warned - you may not recognise your own kit!


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Ludwig vintage set van Davy Deckmijn / Zornik ,voor en na.

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Slingerland vintage voor en na.


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Floortom Gretsch van Mario Goossens / Triggerfinger, voor en na.





Shorten toms or bass drums


Have you ever considered making your drums shallower ?

Right now, deeps toms are 'OUT' -  short or shallow toms 'IN'!

Lignum Drums can take your existing deeper drums and transform them.  Shallower drums are often easier to tune and play,

so it may well be worth considering.

To get an excellent result without visible holes, it is best to reduce the depth of the shell by up 2"-3"

(+/- 51 mm - 76 mm).  However, please note : this precise work is only possible on a tom if it has separate lugs.


Bearing edges will also be optimised at the time of doing the conversions.

Toms Noble & Cooley  / Alain Assenberg : 12x11 en 10x10 shortened 12x8 and 10x7






Shortening a Gretsch Renown Maple 22x20 to a 22x14 vintage size



Lignum Drums can also help you with other repairs or adjustments, for example :


Transforming hanging toms to floor toms, bad snare mechanisms, rattling snare wires, tuning your drums, etc.


Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to offer any re-wrapping or respraying of shells.


Interested, please contact



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