woodhoop snares


These snares are exclusively finished with matching steam bent woodhoops. They’re made from the same batch of wood like the shell is made from.
The sound is ultimate warm and rich, with a great focus and only a little shorter sustain compared to steel hoops !
Between drummers there’s a wrong myth that says, “when your snare is having too much sustain, you just need to put on some woodhoops to make a dry sound”…..Well, if this is the case with your snare then you have some badly made woodhoops for sure !
Good woodhoops don’t just make the snare dry. Lignum woodhoops are an additional item to pimp your overal snare sound. The keywords are : extra warm, great focus, round and a ‘controlled sustain’
Rimshots are surprisingly loud and have a warm woody tone. The rimclics are much lower than any metal hoop.
The weight of this woodhoop snare is only around 3,2 kg ! This is great for touring drummers who really can’t miss their personal Lignum snare sound.


  • premium selected staves shell glued INTO each other with the Lignum Finger Joint ! 12mm shell with 30° edge
  • Solid steam bent wood hoops matching to the wood and color of the shell
  • handmade solid brass lugs, hand polished mirror gloss and chrome finish
  • the Lignum high-end strainer , full cnc processed from solid brass and finished with chrome
  • Remo heads
  • uncoated carbon steel snare wire Lignum Drums