Lignum snare for TOMAS HAAKE

Posted on: maart 11, 2015 by: Gert Breugelmans

In 2013 a Lignum Snare was made for TOMAS HAAKE / MESHUGGAH


IMG_7654c   IMG_7674c

14″ x 180mm Ipé hardwood / full brass with Bronze Diecast hoops

This Lignum snare drum is a true beauty! The combination of the dense Ipé wood and all solid brass lugs, screws, snare strainer and solid bronze hoops makes this snare drum truly sing!

It has none of the “ugly” overtones you might find in some snare drums, but just a perfectly beautiful and musical ring! Tune it down and it has a strong, gutsy punch to it. Tune it up high and this drum absolutely KILLS!!! It’s as beautiful in sound as it is in looks!!

It’s an honor for me to own this snare drum! Gert Breugelmans of Lignum drums, shows with this drum that true craftsmanship and attention to detail are key components to making a truly astonishing musical instrument!

This is the Stradivarius of snare drums!

Tomas Haake  –  Meshuggah