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Limited Edition 2020 True Solid Cherry snares

4 very exiting true solid Cherry snares in progress. Click on the image for details.  

Steambent Walnut 14×6,5″

NEW IN STOCK : Black Walnut  / 14x6,5" / Slingerland Style 2,3mm stick saver hoops Price : 744 euro excluding TAX

Steambent Sycamore Maple 14×5,5″

NEW IN STOCK : Steambent Sycamore Maple (Violin Maple from France) Medium Fiddleback / 14x5,5" / Slingerland Style 2,3mm stick saver hoops !!!SOLD !!!!

Steambent Makoré 14×6,5″

NEW : Premium selected Makoré (Cherry Mahogany) 14x6,5" Steambent snare !!!!SOLD!!!!

Sycamore Maple DIY shell 14×6,5″

Original Lignum Sycamore Maple DIY snare shell 14x6,5" Price including tax = € 260

Mahogany DIY snare shell 14×7″

Original Lignum Mahogany DIY snare shell 14x7 Price including tax = € 270

Steambent Ice Birch 14×6,5″

NEW : Steambent Ice Birch 14x6,5" / Lignum in the house made hardware./ !!!!! SOLD!!!!!  

Ash 3pc kit 20/12/14

ASH 3pc kit. Long Lignum lugs /sizes 12x8/14x12/20x13 RESERVED !!

Steambent Lacewood 14×6,5″

NEW : Steambent Lacewood (Plataan) 14x6,5"/ Lignum in the house made hardware./ price : 992 euro excl TAX

Steambent Pearwood 14×6,5″

NEW : Steambent Pearwood 14x6,5" / all solid Lignum in the house made brass parts & hoops Price : 1280 excl TAX

Steambent Birch 14×6,5″

NEW : Premium selected Birch 14x6,5" Steambent snare Price : 744 euro excl TAX  !!! SOLD !!!!  

True Solid Maple / All brass hardware

True Solid Maple 14x6,5" / All solid brass hardware !!!!SOLD!!!!

True solid Maple 13″ / brushed hardware

True Solid 13x6,5" with brushed chrome hardware RESERVED !!!