STREUG METAL SHOP   :  My Brother Frank’s Business : Exclusive metalworks and custom handmade motorcycle parts.

Jazz club DE SINGER :  Jazz club in Rijkevorsel Belgium with Lignum Drums in the house

Drumhuis Helmond :  Great drum school from  Johan van Lanen  / Lignum Drums in the house

IDMIX STUDIO  :   Great studio from Lignum Drummer Jan-Kris Vinken / with Lignum Drums in the house

 SANDLANE STUDIO  :  Big old school recording studio in Rijen NL  with Lignum Drums in the house

Copy-Cat :  nice cover band with Lignum Drummer Richard Heijerman

 Jalapeno Drums :  David Nuttall , artisan drum builder from the UK

Drumstore Antwerpen

DM TopSound : High-end Guitar repair & tuning service shop of Dirk Michielse

Jos Knaepen : This man was a great guy and a very talented Belgian photographer of the jazz scene for many years. I will never forget him.