It’s all about the wood

90% of the wood used in Lignum Drums is cut by me in the local areas and then sent to the mill for cutting into planks. It is very important that wood should then be allowed to dry naturally so that it becomes properly seasoned before use. Because I am involved with the wood from the very start, I feel that my soul is spriritually connected with each drum I make.

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Fresh sawn Birch logs, cut in my own village…. stored in the garden for a full natural and slow drying proces
(winter 2015-2016)

Lignum Drums Stave Construction

FROM 10″ TO 26″

I have improved on the standard approach to stave constructions by developing my own unique techniques to further enhance durability and tone ; including a special high-precision joint that means each stave is glued INTO, not just butted up against the neighbouring stave.
Yes, this is a more labour intensive, but it results in a much stronger and better sounding shell with real road-proof durability.

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  • it makes the shell a lot more solid and resonant at the maximum
  • 10 year Lignum Drums warranty on all joint constructions
  • the shell will be a lot more road proof

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Handmade bass hoops

No..Lignum Drums never use generic prefactory made bass hoops !
Custom kits are always finished with hoops handmade from the same log as the drumkit.

Unique Lignum brass lugs

Lignum Drums never uses generic standard lugs on their custom sets !!
All drumkits are finished with locally produced, solid brass CNC lugs.

IMG_7040    IMG_0848

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Design in collaboration with good friend Mark van Hameren

After 15 years of making brass lugs by hand it was time for an update.
The new  solid brass lugs are an original Lignum Drums design.
They’re fully CNC produced by a local company, that produces custom parts to my high standards.
Starting 2016 all future drum sets will be finished with these new lugs.

Original GAUGER alu R.I.M.S.®


Lignum Drums doesn’t use generic steel isolation mounts.
We are OEM dealer of the original USA Gauger R.I.M.S.®
The original Gauger R.I.M.S.® is still the only one that truly isolates a drum !


The Lignum Drums high-end strainer

Although I have always used some of the finest strainers on the market, I have wanted to produce my own exclusive strainer for many years.Along with my friend Mark Van Hameren – who has spent many years making precision instruments for science industries – we set out to develop the ultimate snare strainer.Mark has shared my passion to design without compromise and – after 5 years and many prototypes – I’m proud to say this is the most perfect snare on the globe !

This high-end strainer is now standard mounted on all Lignum custom snares.

IMG_3724       IMG_3823

  • cnc manufactured out of solid brass : uncoated or chrome
  • bearing action for extreme smoothness and quiet operation
  • classic forward/backward motion (still preffered by most drummers to this day)

About drumheads..

No doubt, the only drumhead that answers the huge dynamic sound range of Lignum Drums, is Remo !