It’s all about the wood

90% of the wood used in Lignum Drums is cut by me in the local areas and then sent to the mill for cutting into planks. It is very important that wood should then be allowed to dry naturally so that it becomes properly seasoned before use. Because I am involved with the wood from the very start, I feel that my soul is spriritually connected with each drum I make.

IMG_5540 kopie       IMG_5634

Fresh sawn Birch logs, cut in my own village…. stored in the garden for a full natural and slow drying proces
(winter 2015-2016)

Lignum Drums one ply / Steam bent drums

FROM 10″ To 22″

IMG_1994 kopie

Handmade bass hoops

No..Lignum Drums never use generic prefactory made bass hoops !
Custom kits are always finished with hoops handmade from the same log as the drumkit.

Unique stainless steel Lignum lugs

After using 20 years of making brass lugs with chrome plating I did an important change.
All custom snares and kits now are finished with stainless steel mirror gloss polished lugs



Original GAUGER alu R.I.M.S.®


Lignum Drums doesn’t use generic steel isolation mounts.
We are OEM dealer of the original USA Gauger R.I.M.S.®
The original Gauger R.I.M.S.® is still the only one that truly isolates a drum !


The Lignum Drums beertap strainer

New since 2020

Now standard mounted on all Lignum custom snares.

  • cnc manufactured out of solid brass or stainless steel
  • bearing action for extreme smoothness and quiet operation
  • anti detuning system

About drumheads..

No doubt, the only drumhead that answers the huge dynamic sound range of Lignum Drums, is Remo !