About Lignum Drums

Music and drums are the biggest passions in my life.

As a traditionally schooled carpenter and cabinetmaker I have always had some reservations about the drums that were available on the market. Where guitar players have always been able to opt for a high-end instrument and -service at a specialised luthier, drummers have had to live with the limited, lower standard of factory made drums !

I have always been convinced that I could make a much better sounding drum by creating a shell made from solid wood as opposed to the more traditional plywood construction. Just like those luthiers were doing. After 10 years of making drums as a hobby I started my own business in 1999, with only one goal in mind: To listen to the stories and the real needs drummers have, and to serve them on a much higher level than any factory ever can.

All steps in the production process, from the cutting of the actual tree-logs to the making of all drum parts by hand, are done by myself. It is the only way I can guarantee full control of every phase of the building process. Lignum Drums are more than just a drumkit. Every single drum is a one of a kind, high class instrument with a real soul. It is built with the purest passion for drums, wood and music.

Enjoy my website and feel the Lignum Drums spirit

Gert Breugelmans
Master drum builder