Steam Bent Hoops

Lignum Drums was the original designer of the first diecast-profile woodhoops in 2002.
For many years I made them out of segment blocks glued together with a strong finger joint.
In winter 2012 I gave them an important update :
All Lignum hoops are now made with a solid steam bent system !

 IMG_7241   IMG_7213   IMG_7300   IMG_3203

Lignum steam bent hoops are still fully handmade !  I don’t need CNC to make high precision !!
Lignum hoops measures are made according to the industrial standard and fit any existing snare drum.
They are for sale per pair, top + bottom in 13″/8  holes *  14″/8 holes * 14″/10 holes  ONLY IN USA HARD MAPLE


a solid maple blank 30mm thick steam bent into 10″ diameter !!