Pure Brass triple flange hoops are back in stock

Posted on: mei 11, 2019 by: Gert Breugelmans

New in stock : After many requests I will make back some snares finished with my triple flange 2,5mm brass hoops. Here is the first one : a Brown Birch true solid snare. One log / one tree hollowed out and shaped into a snare. A process that takes 2 years This snare is in…

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New Lignum lugs on toms & bass

Posted on: december 17, 2015 by: Gert Breugelmans

New design in collaboration with my friend Mark van Hameren After 15 years of making brass lugs by hand it was time for an update. The new¬† solid brass lugs are an original Lignum Drums design. They’re fully CNC produced by a local company, that produces custom parts to my high standards. All future drum…

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