Robin’s Lignum kit

Posted on: mei 27, 2015 by: Gert Breugelmans

In 2007 I got permission from my grandmother to cut a pear tree in her garden.
I promised her to make a drumkit from it for my little boy Robin.
In 2010 the wood was dry enough to start the build.
The full kit was finished with a mirror gloss french polishing / shellac.

The tree was planted around 1935, for many years this tree provided her family
with tons of delicious fruit, now it will keep on living in a very special way.

I’m very grateful to my grand parents 🙂


Scan 111840001  Dsc03406

DSC03431   DSC03436


Studio picture by Dennis Boxem


Mentioned in Slagwerkkrant magazine nr° 165 / 2011