Brass Classic Snares 2016

In 2016 I came up with my own brass cast hoops.
They are locally cast. After casting they get the final high precision shape on the CNC.
The result is a combination from old and new ideas together to an original Lignum Drums design.

IMG_0603 kopie 3

The new 2016 brass classic snares of Lignum Drums are now finished with cast hoops,
made from pure brass !

It’s a Lignum Drums design in collaboration with good friend Mark van Hameren.
(medical instrument maker and Inventor-artist)
The casting and CNC process are all done in Belgium.
Be sure these snares are very exclusive in the world of custom snares !

The Brass Classic snares have an old organic look & sound.
All lugs,rods and Lignum high-end strainer are made from solid brass.
The brushed finish of the brass is without any coating.
After 1 year the light color will change into a maroon dark color, similar to the old K cymbal look!
The sound of this snare is incredibly warm, earthy and pure with some vintage characters.  It’s very responsive with a super nice rimshot pitch, lower and wider than standard steel hoops.
And the new brass cast hoops will give you a huge tuning range with body and punch at any tuning level !

Available with stave shells and after mid 2017 the first ones will be available with true solid shells
(check out my True Solid page)

  • premium selected wood staves glued INTO each other with the Lignum Finger Joint ! or a True Solid shell
    12mm shell with 30° edge
  • handmade and brushed brass lugs
  • engraved brass badge
  • the Lignum high-end strainer and butt-end , full CNC processed from solid brass
  • Remo heads
  • uncoated carbon steel Lignum Drums snare wires
  • handmade brass Tension rods & washers