true solid snares

Solid logs very slowly processed into a snare drum. No glue, no joints….just one big piece of wood !
It’s a traditional and very unique way of making drums.
This is the most outstanding snare sound you can imagine, with huge pressure and body at any tuning level !!

These snares are only produced from the best logs I can get.
There will only be a handfull of this snares made each year.

The average processing from wet log to full finished snare is around 1,5 to 2 years
– Maple / Ash or Birch local cut in Belgium
– Cherry logs cut in France (Very rare to find )

For info or reservation, please mail me !!

Features  :

  • 13 & 14″ log shell in Birch, Maple, Ash or Cherry wood
  • Finished with chrome or brass hardware
  • Lignum beertap strainer
  • Remo heads
  • uncoated carbon steel snare wire / Lignum Drums engraved



IMG_1007     IMG_1039