Limited Edition 2020 Solid Cherry

Currently I’m working on a handful of very very special Cherry true solid snares.
The snares are cut from a huge Black Cherry tree, chopped down in Limburg, Belgium, 2018.
The grain pattern and color of the finished shells is out of this world.
All snares will be finished with brass dark patina hardware, a numbered brass badge &  the brand new 2020 Lignum Drums brass strainer designed by my good friend Mark van Hameren

The picture of the finished snare is darker because it was taken in nightfall .
However the darkness of nr 2 , 3 and 4 are exactly the same.

!!! SOLD OUT !!!



Video Zoom presentation : True solid Cherry 6 various tunings

Nr 1 : 14×7″  SOLD


Nr 2 : 14×6,5″  SOLD


Nr 3 : 14×7″ : SOLD

Nr 4 : 14×5,5″ : SOLD




The brand new Lignum strainer designed by Mark van Hameren